Date: July 6, 2021

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Categories: Food & Beverage

Thank you for being so supportive. Our services will continue to expand to pre-covid times, and as this unfolds, I wanted to take a moment to let you know what’s been happening behind the scenes and what you can expect for the rest of the summer.

Hopefully, we will be entering Step 3 of the Province’s reopening plan around July 20, which will bring a new level of excitement and security in knowing reservations can be more of a certainty with indoor dining… in air conditioning!

We will be introducing new feature nights. One night will be featuring the rotisserie in the Valley Grill and on the Boardroom patio. Your senses will be teased all day as we slowly cook a large joint of meat in preparation for a delicious yet simple slice of meat, served with garden greens and vegetables that got bathed in the cooking juices from the rotating meat. Another feature is a revision of Lobster Night. This is inspired by Jim Smith, one of the Food and Beverage Committee members, who adores the lobster night at Rosedale. I think it’s time we make our lobster night something that side of Toronto takes note of. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rustic qualities of dropping a steaming lobster in front of you, but we can do a lot to make this experience more and leaving you with less of the mess. My idea is to break down the lobster and serve a refined tail and claw, gently steamed and served clean back in its shell, along with a fresh soup and maybe fried rice mixed with the tamale. Think China Town meets France. Of course, we can always serve a whole lobster to you on request.

Our menu will feature a couple of fixed pasta dishes once again, and we will expand our salad and cold plate offering.

In the past, our menu has been over 50 items long. As a by-product of staffing levels and COVID cookery, we have reduced the menu to about 30 items. This has led to fresher food, more effort spent on each dish and efficient service. We recognize this leaves some items off the menu. The truth is, anything that did not make it on the menu was an item created to consider specific culinary preferences. As it happens, these dishes were not ordered very often. To your benefit, our solution is to work more spontaneously and closely with our members who have outside-the-norm dietary constraints or preferences and make seasonal choices together. This will improve these dishes’ freshness and wholesomeness and help make menus to match your dining occasion. It could be a casual après golf snack that needs air-fried chicken wings or a vegan three-course meal to accompany your spouse who is enjoying prime rib on Sunday. Because of the confidence I have in our team and the relationships we have strengthened over the last five golf seasons, I think the best way forward is to help make your dining experiences in the Club tailored to what you love to eat.

To handle these dining requests efficiently and cooperatively, please leave specific instructions or requests by emailing our reservation team and me personally. Email addresses are noted below. We will cross-reference and come up with menus and dishes meeting and hopefully exceeding your expectations. This will take a little effort, but our feeling is that we can better learn more about you through this process and will be able to anticipate these requests after some time. Basically, you have a ‘bat phone’ to customize special requests knowing that on the other end, you have a team who wants to make this happen for you. We continue to strive to make dining at Credit Valley an important part of your membership experience.

Thank you for your attention and participation. As always, eat well, play well.

Chef David

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