Date: July 13, 2021

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Categories: Greens Updates

With the calendar well into July, we are in the midst of the Club Championships season. Hopefully, this wet stretch of weather we have been receiving slows down soon and leads to more favourable conditions to enjoy the course under sunnier circumstances. Please read on for information regarding the return of bunker rakes and the option to remove pins while also highlighting some good tree news.


With the return of bunker rakes last week, here are a few friendly reminders for play and etiquette:

• After playing your shot from the bunker, please smooth any disturbed areas with the provided rakes if you are comfortable doing so.
• Once you are done with the rake, please return it to the location marked with a painted ‘T.’ Leaving the rakes in these specifically designed locations is likely to have the least impact on future groups and the ball’s travel.

• When you are finished in the bunker and done raking, please remember to knock the sand off your shoes. Given the wet weather we have been experiencing, the sand is more moist than usual, and there has been a lot of tracking of sand onto the surfaces. This interferes with the groups that follow and deteriorates the mower cutting quality the following day.


If you elect to remove the pin for putting with new allowances in place, please set the pin down favourably on the putting surface. This is to ensure the device stays intact and to avoid any unnecessary damage to the putting surface.

When replacing the pin, please try to align the apparatus with the hole as smoothly as possible to avoid destroying the edge of the hole for your fellow golfers.


I have been very pleased to see the recovery in tree health and foliage following the Gypsy Moth (LDD) activity over the last month. When feeding, the caterpillar does not eat to the base of the tree limb; this has allowed some recovery in the early damaged trees. I am also hoping to see further recovery over the next few weeks on the trees fed on later part of the LDD’s life cycle.

June 15

July 12

It is encouraging to see this recovery. The damaged trees also have the benefit of photosynthesis for the remainder of the season.

If you have any questions about these topics or anything else on the course, please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

Chris Bouwers
Course and Property Manager

5 Replies to “July Update”

  1. Michael Jansen says:

    Hi Chris,
    Just a quick note to ask if you are aware of the wisteria creeping down toward the 16th green? I have been battling this plant around my backyard deck for 6 years now. The prior owner started it not knowing how aggressive it really is. Even though the initial trunks have been long removed, it pops up many meters away and is dealt with – only to have it reappear at another location, again meters away. Fyi… Mike Jansen

  2. Jim Carmichael says:

    Any comment on the Japanese Beetles ?

  3. Chris Bouwers says:

    A nuisance to say the least, fortunately their adult life cycle is nearing completion. Through our IPM and scouting, appropriate techniques will be utilized to help maintain a suitable population level in future years.

  4. Chris Bouwers says:

    Weed suppression is an integral part of our management program, aggressive weeds especially. Continue to reduce their population incidence level through a variety of options is imperative to our success.

  5. Peter Hossack says:

    I understand that next year the City of Mississauga will be doing an aerial spray for Gypsy Moths. I imagine that will be scheduled in may before the caterpillar feeding starts. I’m not sure how they plan the areas of spray but of course the Credit River areas near residential is usually in the program. Especially with regard to our property along 16 as part of Mississauga Road and the nearby private property south of the Clubhouse, can we inquire/advocate that the City include our property in that program?

    Also, behind the Clubhouse, can we budget to treat the big oaks over the patios with TreeAzin injections next spring and avoid the litter during June when patios will be in use?

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