Dress Code

Credit Valley combines a rich tradition with a progressive atmosphere that recognizes the contemporary lifestyle of our members. Tasteful and respectful attire is expected in all public areas of the Club. As a courtesy to each other, we require members and their guests (including children) to follow the guidelines below. The purpose of this policy is to identify appropriate wear for members and their guests at the club.

The dress code will not apply to the parking lot, walkways from the parking lot, lower hallways and locker rooms, so members and guests arriving at the Club can get to and from their planned activity comfortably.


This policy applies to all members and all guests in the clubhouse, golf course or practice facilities.

Clubhouse Attire

Permitted in the Clubhouse:
Shirts/Dresses: Dress shirts and golf shirts should be tucked in at all times unless designed to be worn untucked. Business casual, dress tops, and summer dresses without collars or sleeves
Bottoms: Dress pants, skirts, shorts and denim must be neat and presentable with a tailored fit and finish
Hats: Formal hats are permitted in all areas. Sports hats or visors are permitted only on outside patios, Member’s Lounge and Locker Room Lounges.
Footwear: Business casual and dress open toed shoes/sandals

Golf Course Attire

Permitted on Golf Course and Practice Facilities:
All apparel permitted in golf facilities should be appropriate for golf, considering the function of the sport and the weather.

Shirts: Golf shirts with sleeves and/or collars, turtlenecks, mock necks, blade collars and golf-specific (cardigan-style) hoodies. All golf shirts must be tucked in unless banded.
Bottoms: Dress pants, skirts, shorts, and skorts must be neat and presentable with a tailored fit. Leggings may be worn as a layer under shorts, skirts or skorts.
Footwear: must be golf specific with soft spikes or running/walking shoes.
Hats and visors: must be worn with the peak forwards.


Children are the responsibility of the parent member and should follow the dress code as closely as possible while they are at the club.

Not Acceptable in Clubhouse and Golf Facilities

Shirts: Casual T-shirts, cropped tops, tank tops, shirts and fleece sweaters
Jogging Suits: Fleece hoodies and jogging suits
Bottoms: Cut-offs, tennis shorts/skirts, rugby pants, cargo shorts/pants, draw-string joggers, nor basketball/athletic shorts that fall below the knee.
Denim: is not acceptable on the course.
Denim in the clubhouse may not be ripped, frayed, faded, tattered or distressed for the clubhouse
Leggings: unless worn under shorts, skirts or long tunics
Logos: Large logos, slogans, numbers or illustrations on apparel
Swimsuits: unless in the pool


Should a member or guest of a member come to the club out of dress code, they will be addressed and informed by a staff member of the infraction.  Members should never address dress code issues with each other and rather should point out infractions to staff.

All infractions will be brought up to the Membership Director, who will note them in the respective member’s file.  Should there be a second infraction by the same member, a note will be made on their file by the Membership Director, but a note from the COO will be sent to the member.  If a third infraction occurs by the member, then a letter once again will be sent by the COO and may be referred to the Disciplinary Committee to address. Guests should be forwarded a copy of our dress code policy to help eliminate any issues upon their arrival.

Roles & Responsibilities

It shall be the sole responsibility of the Member to ensure that they, their guest(s), and their children are in appropriate dress while at the club.

Wireless Policy

The Board of Directors of The Credit Valley Golf and Country Club recognizes that Wireless Communication Devices (WCD) are very much a part of our lives. We also recognize the importance of all members’ rights to enjoy the peace and tranquility offered at Credit Valley. For this reason we have chosen to implement the following WCD policy:

  • While on Credit Valley property all WCD’s are to be switched to silent mode. Under no circumstances is the use of these devices to detract from other members’ enjoyment of the course, the clubhouse or the property.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited in any area of the clubhouse that provides food and beverage service. Men’s and Ladies’ locker room locker bays are excluded.
  • In all other circumstances, all incoming calls should transfer to voicemail or be dealt with in a manner that does not disturb other members’ enjoyment of the clubhouse, golf course or practice facilities.
  • Email and text messaging functions may be used anywhere on the premises; however, we ask that common courtesy, discretion and consideration for others be used while using your WCD.

Your respect for our policy will allow all Credit Valley members and guests to continue to enjoy the relaxing experience of our golf club. Your co-operation is appreciated.