Date: October 12, 2018

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Categories: Food & Beverage

We have just launched our fall to winter menu.

On this menu you will start to see some braising and house smoking starting to happen. The return of the lamb shank, classic chicken cacciatore, 24-hour bolognese, and a smoked duck breast appetizer are a few of the highlights.

As the golfing and after golf dining starts to taper off, we begin using all of the resources that go into snacking fare and begin to emphasize heartier comfort dishes.

The best part of living in a cool climate region is the changing of the seasons. The best part of the seasonal change is that it is a good reason to change the menu. The Valley Grill will continue to be a great place to dine long after your last tee shot is buried in a pile of leaves.

Next week our features are in favour of Oktoberfest. Smoked pork, sauerkraut and dumplings look out.

This is the kind of food that will keep you golfing well into single digit temperatures.

On the heel of Oktoberfest we are going to bring in game meats. Look for roast venison chops, confit duck leg, bison steaks alongside wild mushrooms and root vegetables in as many ways as we can think to cook them. I  love to serve rich sauces with lean game. My favourites are Oaxaca Mole, bitter chocolate and coffee, stout, reduced zinfandel, foie gras and stock glazes.

Have a great October!

Eat Well, Play Well…

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