Date: November 30, 2021

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The golf course has been closed for two weeks, but there has been a flurry of activity. Please read along below, and through the winter, for updates as to what is going on during the offseason.

Riverbank Stabilization

Throughout winter, I will be updating the membership on the project through my blog. The riverbank stabilization project began on November 15, with R&M Construction mobilizing equipment.

R&M has occupied and fenced off their portion of the parking lot that we agreed to before construction. This area houses their office trailer, equipment and material storage through the project. They have an easement down to the work on the 10th and 17th holes from the parking lot. Through the entire project length, many large pieces of equipment will be using the valley road to bring material to the site. Once the trucks arrive in the valley, they follow the path towards the 10th hole. They then cut across the 9th fairway to the valley staging area for the project along 10.

Given the volume of construction traffic and the safety of all members in mind, we urge you to avoid the valley road and any construction areas. There is still access to the valley from the path at 6 tee, but when the work begins on the 17th hole, all holes in the valley will be closed for activity. The work on the 17th hole is scheduled for the new year. When construction is expected, it could begin in as little as 24 hours of closing the area. Please see the area outlined in blue on the map for the current restrictions.

They have begun placing the large armour stone and rip rap rock into the river from the tributary and have completed approximately 50 yards downriver.

8/17 Bridge

Since the course closed, the boards on the bridge between 8/17 have been entirely replaced. Pressure-treated hemlock wood replaced the old material because of its lifespan and traction. In addition to replacing the top planks, all of the wood that began to rot underneath was replaced.  Although this did not affect the structural integrity, the panels would wobble as they were driven over or walked on.



Tee Deck Levelling

With the success of last year’s tee deck levelling, we were fortunate to complete another grouping of tees this fall to improve course conditioning further. Last year we completed:

• 3 white
• 5 white/blue
• 6 black
• 9 yellow/red
• 15 white/blue
• 18 blue
• 18 red/white

Over the years, tee decks have become ‘crowned’ as the predominant volume of hitting, and divot filling occurs in the middle of the tees. During the construction process:

• The sod was removed.
• The deck was regraded to ensure a 1% slope for surface drainage.
• The tee was resodded with new bentgrass.

Last fall, the tee decks were completed in the last week of October and therefore were able to open when the 2021 golf season began. This year they were completed last week and therefore may need a few weeks in the spring to properly root before use.

The tees completed this fall were:

• 3 blue and black
• 7 white/blue/black
• 8 yellow/red/white
• 15 yellow/red

If you have any questions about these topics or anything else on the course, please contact me at your convenience.

Chris Bouwers
Course and Property Manager

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