Date: December 13, 2021

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R&M construction has been very busy over the past two weeks. They have installed the second temporary bridge crossing, which allows them to get over to 10 green side, where they have been removing brush and preparing the area for the new bank. This bridge gets removed in the event of high rainfall in the forecast. This takes only 30 minutes before such an event.

Work has simultaneously continued along the bank to the left of 10, installing armour stone and rip rap along the base. The base is wide enough that the rock hauler trucks can drive along the wall the length of the work area. They are currently equivalent to 75 yards out from the 10th green to put the completed work in perspective.

R&M has also been busy installing the boulders directly in front of the 10th tees. This work returned the river to a very similar footprint before the flood in January 2020.

Construction will break for two weeks for Christmas, with work wrapping up this Friday, December 17. My next scheduled project update will arrive on January 10.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!

Chris Bouwers
Course and Property Manager

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