Date: January 28, 2020

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The Proshop was renovated in early January and the following communication outlines the changes made and will provide some details and pictures of the process. These pictures are from before the renovations:

Counter Relocation

Inspiration for the renovation was to relocate the counter space.

  • Counter relocation allows for staff to see the first tee, driving range, putting greens and staging area from their work station. This will allow for better communication flow across the golf operations department, resulting in improved service to the members.
  • More inviting space. The new counter space is open and will allow the staff to spend more time on the shop floor answering questions and providing assistance.
  • The removal of the old counter creates a less cluttered look in the Proshop and allows the Proshop staff to be more creative with the floor displays. In addition, more merchandise can be on the floor at any given time increasing the potential for sales.

New Flooring

With the counter being relocated, it was necessary to change the flooring. We considered many different flooring options and settled on Luxury Vinyl. This product is waterproof, slip resistant and extremely durable. The new surface makes the space appear larger and more open along with creating a modern looking Proshop space.

New Lighting

The old track lighting system in the lower area of the Proshop was removed and new energy efficient LED recessed lighting and ceiling tiles were installed. The lighting is 40 times more efficient than the previous technology which will decrease energy costs while providing improved brightness in the space. Removing the track system also makes the Proshop appear larger; it a remarkable change.

Removal of Baseboard Heating System

The old baseboard heating system that ran along the windows and doors of the Proshop was removed. The system no longer worked effectively and was a fire hazard. The removal of the floor heating system has increase merchandising options and improved the appearance of the space.

A Showcase of Credit Valley

This renovation makes the Proshop space more attractive for members and guests and rejuvenates an area that has not changed in over 15 years. The increased floor space will lead to larger sales volumes in the Proshop and the new space will allow for more merchandise to be on the floor without a cluttered appearance.

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