Date: June 1, 2018

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Good afternoon everyone. What a great run of weather we have had over the last week or so. Nice to see summer finally here – seems like we jumped right over spring!! I promise this won’t be a 5 pager like my last communication, just a few things on the go that you should know about.

Interest Charges

As was presented to the membership when planning for the various capital projects, any interest charges accrued from the Club’s debt would be passed on to the members. In 2017 we accrued interest charges totalling $125,546.00, which translates to $258.00 for our main golf member categories. All other categories will be billed on a pro-rated basis based on annual dues. This allows us to use all initiation fees collected to pay down the debt directly, reducing our overall interest charges for the period that we are carrying debt and allowing us to accelerate the reduction of our debt load. As communicated at the AGM and by email over the past few months the charge will be allocated to your account in the month of May.

Driving Range – Long Hitters Beware

Unfortunately, we still have some people who aren’t adhering to our rules with respect to using limited flight balls when appropriate (long hitters that can fly it more than 250 yards). We have had a number of balls over the fence in the last week and once again we are being put on notice from the neighbours. It would be a real shame if we were forced to shut down our range or be required to use limited flight balls all the time. Please note that anyone caught flying balls into or over the net will be subject to disciplinary action from the Board. I hate to play that card but the reality is that it is a very small percentage of the membership that are ruining it for everyone.


Over the past two months we have had incredible success with new additions to membership. In our Intermediate Program, we have just closed off the under 30 category with 33 new additions YTD. We have also had success with our other categories: ages 30-34, with 9 new members; and, ages 35-39 with 4 new members for a total of 46.

We have also had success with our other membership categories, adding 12 new Social Members, 2 new Spousal Members, 5 new 5-day Members, 7 new Restricted Members and 6 new Full Members for a grand total of 78 new faces, which gets us very close to sold out. What a difference a year makes! We are still looking for a few Full or Restricted Members so if you know someone who may be interested, please send them my way! If you do we have some greens fees to offer as a thank you!

Water Coolers

We have added 3 new water coolers to the course, which are located on the 6th upper tee, by the bridge on 8 and 17 and at the 13th tee. We plan to stock each cooler when the temperature is over 30 degrees to give you that added opportunity for hydration in extreme conditions. We are working on a system to let you know when water is there; we will keep you posted.

Preferred Parking Spot

As we have done in the past, each month we will acknowledge members who have been integral in the introduction of new members to the Club by offering them a chance to win a preferred parking space for a month, as well as their preferred tee time each time they play. Congratulations to June’s winners: Michael Provost for introducing his wife Suzanne; and, Andy Chiodo for introducing John Iannone.

Tree Damage and Tree Master Plan

As per my last communication it was amazing to see over 100 members out to help us clean up after the May 4 wind storm. The membership at Credit Valley never ceases to amaze me. Now that everything is pretty much cleaned up it is time to start looking at our replenishment plan. In 2016 we launched our Tree Master Plan which offered members an opportunity to purchase a tree to help us maintain our parkland layout. To date we have had 7 members who have gifted a tree to the program as well as a number of others who have purchased memorial trees. Note that you don’t have to do it individually, it could be your foursome, your family, your street, your locker bay, etc. all sharing the cost. Trees range in price from $500 to $1500 and when shared the cost becomes minimal but the impact is incredible. For more information, contact Jason Hanna our Course and Property Manager (and read his blog).

Golf Club Staging Area

Last week we installed the new Gazebo for the staging area which will act as our service centre for arriving members, carts and clubs. Our starter will be set up with a phone and headset, as well as a laptop to provide access to the tee sheet so that he can coordinate everything from one location. In order to speak directly to the starter, please use the direct tee time line. PLEASE NOTE: The starter will be set up to handle any day of additions or changes to the tee sheet, but will not handle calls for tee times on other days. Please call the Golf Shop using the main line and extension 238 for any other additions or changes to the tee sheet; or, better still, you can make those additions or changes online.

We also reorganized the way clubs are being brought up from the back shop to better serve the membership. Kudos to Donovan and his team for making a number of small but significant changes which have resulted in an enhancement in member service.

That’s all for this week, in my next blog I will discuss F&B and the great things we are doing!

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