Date: July 27, 2018

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Categories: Food & Beverage

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We are excited to announce that we will be starting a craft beer program at the Club in response to growing member interest! Our new craft beers will be available in tall cans in the Valley Grill and at the Halfway House. We are pleased to introduce four craft beers from breweries close to home.


Lake of Bays Switchback Pilsner has aromatics of fresh-cut hay with slight floral notes. It is light-bodied with a subtle hint of citrus and the pleasant tanginess of Hallertau hops.


Muskoka Detour ISA is an easy drinking and very refreshing beer with tropical aromas, big hop flavour and a clean finish.


Black Oak Brewery Beat the Heat is a Belgian style wheat beer. A light bodied ale with earthy citrus notes.


Stonehooker Broad Reach Nor’Easter IPA has big tropical and citrus flavors and aromas from the Mosaic, Vic Secret and Simcoe hops used. It is low in bitterness and a soft creamy mouthfeel.

All of our new craft beers will be available to taste at a complimentary sampling during the Club Championship Reception at the Halfway House on Sunday. Make sure you join us!

Good luck to all the participants in this weekend’s Club Championships!


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