Date: February 1, 2021

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Categories: Food & Beverage

Thank you for taking part in our Fresh Start menu campaign. This week completes a month of healthy choice menu prix fixe offerings, but that’s not to say this is the end of our wholesome cookery at CV. It is more like the start of an ongoing initiative to keep our food low in over-processed ingredients, low in added refined sugars, and suitable for keeping you at your best playing performance. Although we had only a few members take part in the cleanse portion of this menu initiative, we saw amazing support week in and week out with several sell-out days of our daily menu choices. A byproduct of this menu planning that will surely be part of our ongoing menus was the introduction of salad dressings made from vegetable and nut purees in place of heavy creams or mayonnaise. We will continue to explore menu ideas that make subtle changes to what we eat without changing your overall enjoyment of what we make. I think this is a winning combination for future dining at CV this summer.

With all this being said, our feature menu combinations this week are selections inspired by our Director of Fitness and Health, Anna Burnett. They are items that, having made it through the last four weeks of your cleanse, introduce whole foods back into your diet. These selections are high in protein, high in flavour, high in fresh natural foods, and very low in processed ingredients and additional sugar, and they are gluten-free.

Saturday, February 13 and Sunday, February 14 will be all about Valentine’s Day, and we are boxing up delicious meals to enjoy at home. The best part of these prepared meal kits is that everything can be gently warmed in the containers we provide making your clean-up a breeze.

Finally, there is one CV tradition that almost escaped us: Pancake Tuesday, which falls on February 16. Since we are closed and not able to dine-in at the Club, we will be packing up a little DIY pancake kit which you can add to any order you place during the week.

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