Date: March 23, 2021

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Aerification of the greens began on Sunday and is continuing through the week. If weather conditions permit, we will commence working on the tees following the completion of the greens. The process on the tees is less labour intensive with holes being punched, heavy sand topdressing applied and the remaining sand then dragged into the surfaces.


In addition to aerification we have begun clearing the fairways of debris from the winter season; the first step prior to the first cuts of the season! The first cut will create a significant change in appearance as we remove the dead leaf tips from winter desiccation. Further initiation of growth is expected through the weekend and into next week, following Friday’s forecasted rain event.

Course Clean Up

Over the next week, we will be continuing with course clean-up, including preparing the bunkers for play. Removing all sticks and debris from the course prior to opening, to avoid damage to any equipment, is an important task in advance of the season.

Canada Geese

Throughout the winter, the geese population on the property has not diminished; a problem that plagued the 2020 season. I have recently engaged with an individual that specializes in the control of geese populations and deters their loitering on the premises.

Kevin Phillips, the owner of Barking Mad, has been visiting the course since the start of March and his efforts have already been noticed. He has spent considerable time working at other private clubs in the area, completing the same responsibilities. He has extensive knowledge of the life and mating habits of geese which is critical for successful management. The geese are currently pairing up and preparing to nest making it a significant time in their control.

Mud and Angus are two Border Collies and they are accompanied by Ozzie, an Australian/Border Collie mix. These dogs live to rid the property of geese and do a great job at that. Kevin arrives with the geese at all hours of the day to keep the birds guessing, ensuring there is never a ‘safe’ time for their return.

If you see Kevin and the dogs on the property feel free to say hello, but don’t be surprised if the dogs get impatient and would rather be off chasing fowl away!

Chris Bouwers
Course and Property Manager

3 Replies to “Course Update”

  1. Mary Ann Finn says:

    Saw them last week and Ozzie Marked Me! Peed down my leg – it was historical! They are doing a good job!

  2. Bob Humfrey says:

    Hi Chris. Great to hear we will soon be back in action on your wonderful course. Speaking of wonderful I would like to make a suggestion.

    Throughout last season, we continued to suffer from players not replacing fairway divots (and greens ball marks). This must also be very frustrating for you and your team.
    I’m sure you will remember that in years past we had a program whereby the members were assigned responsibility for “managing” the care of one of the holes with the holes being assigned to members according to the first letter of their last name. Of course this would be voluntary but might be emphasized by a sign at the tee of each hole reminding the players which “letters” are responsible.

    Thanks, Chris, for all your, and your team’s work in getting ready for what promises to be a great season

  3. Patrick J Carroll says:

    My son Peter and I met Kevin 2 weeks ago during our weekly walk on the course. The dogs are very active and I have no doubt they will keep the geese down. We’ve noticed a significant reduction in their numbers in the past couple of weeks.

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