Date: August 27, 2019

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As always, the summer is flying by! Although the golf calendar is beginning to wind down, some upcoming projects will be keeping management busy for the next few months.

Slope Erosion

In the late winter of 2018, an unfortunate combination of ground conditions and precipitation led to an erosion event in front of 6 upper tees. During the 2018 golf season, the club received a full geotechnical report on the slope including engineers’ recommendations to mitigate further slope failure. Working with the engineers we were able to select a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing solution to this challenge.

Based on the engineers’ reports, after carefully evaluating the risk of additional slope failures, it has been decided that this project be completed before the winter. Completing this work before the winter guarantees the best ground conditions for construction traffic which will minimize damage to the golf course and help further control costs.

The project is scheduled to commence on September 5. The entire project should take no more than seven days to complete (weather permitting). The Erindale United Church located adjacent to the 5th tee has been very generous in allowing construction crews to stage in the back of their parking lot and enter the golf course through gates beside the red tee deck.

Please click here to see the diagram illustrating the construction haul path and temporary tee locations for the 6th hole during construction periods. Please note that regular tee locations will be utilized for the Ladies’ Day Needlepoint and Al Balding Charity Pro Am. Aside from the modification in tee locations, there will be minimal impact on our regular enjoyment of the golf course.

As highlighted in the 6-month report, the funds for this project (approximately $70,000) are to come from our 2019 operating budget and have been accounted for in our year end forecast.


Since the approval of the inclinator modernization project, our selected contractor has been busy ordering materials to start work on our new inclinator as soon as possible. The project will start in October with the expectation that work will be done before winter.

Future Projects?

In order to gain a clear understanding of future expenses as they relate to each of our buildings, we are in the early stages of establishing a database using facilities management/forecasting software to accurately predict timelines for replacing big ticket items such as air conditioners, windows, roofs, heating units, etc. The data produced by this model will help management and the Board budget for future capital expenses.

On the golf course, replacement of the irrigation system and related infrastructure is a top priority. Within the next few months we will be able to gather accurate estimates for each of the components to gain an understanding of the overall scope of work and cost. Having this information in hand will allow us to determine an accurate budget and project timing.

Mother Nature owes us a great fall; we look forward to seeing everyone around the Club for some great golf and camaraderie for the next couple of months.

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