Date: June 16, 2018

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Categories: Food & Beverage

Whoa, we are cooking with gas now.

The Member Guest has come and gone as quickly as our local weather patterns.

We transition into another celebration, Father’s Day. We are smoking brisket as I write this in what is a now a tradition; Dad’s Root Beer marinated and smoked brisket. Last year we had just enough to whet your appetite, so this year we loaded the smoker.


Dad’s Root Beer for Father’s Day!

Over the next month we will celebrate World Cup Soccer (football) with a rolling feature menu of Worldly Sandwich inspirations. To keep it interesting, and in the spirit of contest, I have put the challenge to our team of chefs to each choose participating nations and corresponding sandwiches. As teams win and advance, and members enjoy their sandwich creations, they earn points. At the end of the World Cup we will have a sandwich champion! Sandwiches will be featured at the Halfway House, on Ladies’ Days, Men’s Days, and in the Lounge.

Our First ‘POP UP’ dining event of the summer will celebrate Summer Solstice. On June 21, reserve a table at the Halfway Chop House and enjoy a three course fixed menu and a few surprises along the way. Follow this link to see the full menu details and email Chef David to enter the lottery. We will confirm reservations on Monday, June 18.

Two Fridays ago (June 8) we launched a spontaneous new kitchen initiative inspired by the food truck phenomenon. We served ceviche and sangria on the driving range prior to afternoon tee times. On Friday, June 22 for those taking part in Nine and Dine, our second Food Truck initiative will have us shucking oysters and serving bubbly behind the third tee deck …

The menu for Nine and Dine on Friday night (June 22) tips our toque to Chef Paul Bocuse who passed in January, and features fine French country fare, aux truffles of course.

Have a great week. Eat Well, Play Well …

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