Date: September 29, 2020

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Greens Aerification

With fairway aerification underway this week, we will begin to turn our attention to greens next week. We will begin this process on October 5 and will be utilizing up to six temporary greens each day to complete the work. The affected holes will be communicated to the Pro Shop and the website will be updated daily with the information. Playing to temporary greens allows no changes to the tee sheet or closures through the aerification of the greens. Please note that in the event of unfavourable weather, there may be days with no aerification or any temporary greens during the week.

Aerification of the greens is a vital process to the success of their health for next season and beyond. Although they remain healthy, continuing to reduce compaction, remove organic matter, while incorporating sand and seed into the profile is beneficial. Incorporating sand continues to establish firm greens and improves roll consistency. The seeding helps to increase the population of bentgrass, a turf species that is more drought and winter tolerant than the poa that covers the majority of our greens.

Once aerification is completed we will begin increasing the height of cut on the greens as we prepare for winter to ensure the healthiest conditions for the off season. Continuing to complete these preparation tasks is imperative for success and the timing is critical. The greens require enough growth and recovery before the winter to avoid increased risks and to have firm enough conditions in the spring to complete the process again prior to opening.

This aerification and associated programs are completed early in the spring and during the fall to avoid any disturbance to playing conditions through the summer months. Each time that we aerify we remove 5% of the playing surface on the greens: 10% through the season. Although this is sufficient it is important that we maintain the same volume of material removed each season for continued success.

Tees Aerification

The tees will be aerified during the week of October 13. This process will have very little impact to play. There will be no adjustments to the tee sheet. Tees will be aerified with an area cleaned off to hit from immediately following the coring. After the cores are cleaned up, the tees are topdressed with sand and then dragged, incorporating the sand into the holes. This increase in sand helps to firm up the tee decks and increase foot traffic tolerance.

If you have any questions about these topics or anything else on the golf course please do not hesitate to contact me at your convenience.

Chris Bouwers
Course and Property Manager

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