Dress Code


UNACCEPTABLE ATTIRE for the Clubhouse, Property, Golf Course and Practice Range for Ladies, Gentlemen, Children and Guests include:

Athletic shorts falling below the knee, cropped tops, cargo pants, T-shirts, short- shorts, team shirts or sweaters, tank tops, shirts and sweaters with non-golf slogans, fleece or knit jogging suits, rugby pants, sweat suits, spandex, swimsuits and headgear worn backwards are also unacceptable.

Smart Denim is permitted at Credit Valley as follows:

Solid colour denim of any colour, in good taste. Denim may not have holes, be ripped, torn, tie-dyed or frayed regardless of price or designer pedigree. Skirts must be appropriate length, consistent with the Club's normal dress policy for ladies. Credit Valley will permit smart denim everywhere in the Club except for the golf course, the health facilities, the outdoor practice facilities and the winter indoor practice facilities. The Club reserves the right to restrict denim for special events as communicated to the membership in advance.

**** No metal spikes allowed ****

Persons attending the club for use of the fitness facilities and/or pool only, may dress in appropriate sportswear for their activity. Persons so dressed shall proceed directly to their respective locker room or sports venue. Use of any of the other public areas of the clubhouse is prohibited while dressed in workout sportswear.

Changes or adjustments to the dress code may be made by the CVGCC Board at any time. Announcement of changes will be posted throughout the club, published in the Valley Voice and sent by broadcast email.


  • Short-shorts
  • Cut-offs
  • Tank tops
  • Team shirts
  • Shirts with slogans
  • Sweatsuits
  • Swim attire
  • No metal spikes allowed

Swimming Attire

  • Cut-offs, jeans, or similar, are not acceptable swimming attire.
  • Swim sportswear may be worn to and from locker rooms, but not in any other part of the clubhouse or on Club grounds.